Samurai or ninja?

Imagine you are a Samurai. You are an “ultimate” fighting machine and expected to perform at the highest level. You have been highly trained and are ready to handle conflict … of a certain type. That type is the battlefield. Like the knights in Europe, the samurai were the product of a class structure where one expected face to face physical violence and it was “winner take all”. So it should be no great surprise that a class of warriors would be expected to meet that challenge. Picture yourself in that role.

How would you cope with a ninja? The ninja are also highly trained to be in conflict. But their training is not to confront the enemy at all. But to prevail by cunning.  This fun documentary gives the flavor of how the ninja functioned. One thing is clear. Your samurai training is no use here. All it does is pigeon hole you into a “type”, making your moves predictable to the crafty ninja.

Now think of this in terms of modern day conflict. Are you a samurai or a ninja?


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