Old Men Crapping on Technology that They Don’t Understand

Bitcoin is a new technology that most people — me included — don’t understand very well. Does it offer value? Or is it a mirage? When a very high profile investment guru, Warren Buffet said that it is a mirage, proponents of bitcoin realized they had a problem.

They cannot walk away from or ignore a comment like that. They are in conflict, and need a way to manage that conflict. Not so much to fight with Warren Buffet personally, but to attack the credibility or foundation of his destructive comment. Enter Marc Andreessen who deliverd the retort in a forum arranged by Forbes Magazine.  He delivers his retort at the very end of the discussion.

My point here is not to support Andreessen’s or Buffet’s position. It is instead to offer an example of how conflicts start. It is important to see it when it happens. If you do, you have a chance to deal with it constructively. If you don’t, you are in trouble.


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