Media Madness

We will never live in a world without conflict. That is just not how human nature works. But we can and should live in a world where conflicts are managed more efficiently. Where we resolve them rather than just get stuck with them.

But there is a barrier and it has to do with how we inter-relate with media. By now it is pretty well known that media business thrives on inflaming emotions – especially negative emotions. This explains why Fox News is so profitable. Not because it is brilliant, but because it brilliantly inflames people. They get addicted to the anger. Understanding this about why messaging has effects, helps us see that we are headed for some trouble as we rely on digital messaging to build networks.

For an example of this, you might check out the recent dust up between the Daily Mail and George Clooney. Clooney (and other celebs) can fight back. And no doubt the media attention from the initial unfavorable press and the indignant reaction both generate interest and profits.

This post won’t solve the underlying problem. But it is a clarion call to recognize it. Our digital future might be more volatile than we would like.


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