Meet Hamas

It is difficult not to sympathize with the Palestinians living in Gaza. They are caught in a seemingly endless crossfire and the death toll is alarming, not to mention the terrible living conditions. But what is behind this? Is it Israeli mean spirited policy? Or is it part of the strategy of Hamas, the group that controls Gaza?

Part of the answer lies in deconstructing the strategy of Hamas. Do they just act out of rage and a desire for revenge? Or is there some sort of plan underlying their actions? Back in June it seemed that events had simply spun out of control after three Israeli youths were kidnapped and murdered. The political impact of this seemed unintended.

Well, apparently there was more to it. BI reports that Hamas was involved in these kidnappings. Why do it? According to this version of events, it is the strategy of Hamas to do whatever is necessary to destabilize the West Bank.

Well, if true, this tells us something about how this conflict will play out. Hamas will not negotiate in good faith for peace. They will continue to resort to terror and violence as needed. Sadly, the Palestinian people in Gaza will suffer the most from this.


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