Beheading as a Calling Card

Over the last several weeks, the media has been filled with stories of the murder/execution of two US journalists in Syria by ISIS. BTW, if you follow the news, you find that journalists are getting killed around the world in alarming numbers. But usually they are not beheaded. Though Gongadze was in Ukraine some years ago.

It is this method of execution that has got everyone’s attention. The point of it all is that ISIS is not just going to kill people, preferably Americans, they are going out of their way to demonstrate that they do this for fun. That killing is nothing for them. Normal people beware!

As BI points out, this may be empowering for folks who are deeply angry and desperately want empowering of any sort. But will it lead ISIS to anything more than just establishing its reputation as a nasty group of thugs?

We already know the answer. Just look at al qaeda. It’s capacity to organize may be diminished, but its brand remains a calling card for lunatics bent on violence around the world. Sadly, ISIS is headed in the same direction. We are likely to hear about ISIS the brand for some time now.

So what do we do?  We might keep in mind one thing — the more that the US tries to take the lead in fighting ISIS, the more publicity ISIS will get. And that is exactly what they want. The way to root out ISIS is for Sunni Muslims to disown them and eradicate them. Americans and the west in general can and should help. But the more we lead the way, the longer the ISIS brand will thrive.

Which brings me to the Iraqi messtoid. Thank the Lord that Maliki is out. Now there is an opportunity to re-think how Shiia, Sunni and kurds might get along somehow. And if this can be worked out, the Sunni will have at least some incentive to get rid of thugs like ISIS and re-build their shattered regions.


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