US – The Political Blame Game Starts Now

The US midterm elections are over and the republicans have taken control of the senate. This changes Washington politics ;

Now republicans control both houses of congress and can set the legislative agenda. The only opposition to this could come from the president  Over the last years, republicans have argued that their agenda for America is very different than that of the democrats. So now we are likely to see more clearly what that is and how it conflicts with that of President Obama.  Conflict is likely. But the odd thing is that neither Obama nor Mitch McConnell are saying this will be a problem. Here is Mitch McConnell

In his first press conference as Senate majority-leader-in-waiting, Mitch McConnell proclaimed an end to governing by crisis and was optimistic the new Republican-controlled Senate could find areas of common ground with President Barack Obama.

And President Obama said that he will work with the republicans on his agenda.  In other words, neither side want to be blamed for sparking a fight. When the inevitable conflicts emerge, they want to blame the other side.



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