The Dog in The Manger

One of the biggest problems in gaming is when gamers “game the system”. Instead of playing the game as is, they seek to change it to their advantage so that they can “win”. Usually this is not tolerated in sports. But, oddly, it is more tolerated in societal games. And that is a bit strange.

For example, let’s look at elections. We all know that elections are intended to cement a social contract. It is where voters exert their control over the officials who are supposed to serve them. But elections are usually gamed beyond belief. And that gaming is not confined to the period just before the vote. Folks are already thinking about how to game elections that are years away.  And that is in a system that more or less “works”.

Here is my point. We should be more sensitive to the risks posed by gamers who game the system. Like Uker just did.  Gaming the system hurts all of us. Not just in the short term. It damages the value of gaming altogether.


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