A Less than Creative Message

Comcast is a pretty sophisticated company. So it knows perfectly well that it is in conflict on issues of net neutrality. Why? Because Comcast wants to amend net neutrality so that it is free to charge variable rates for different web uses and some are vehemently opposed to this. And now Comcast has found out that the President is opposed to it. Yikes!

So Comcast needs to employ some conflict management tools. It tried this but pretending to agree with the President — hoping to minimize the issues in dispute. And with many issues, that might work. But it didn’t work here because their opponents caught them in the act.

Trying to minimize the issues in dispute is a bad idea when you know that the other side is maximizing them. You just create a new issue — whether you can be trusted. The better way to go is to acknowledge that some find this important and find something else to talk about that is even more important.



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