Dragging Ukraine Down

One of the effects of the ongoing Russian “incursion” into Ukraine is to rob this land of its future. Consider the immediate physical devastation. Then think about the resources wasted in violence. Then think about the time spent pondering ridiculous tactical and strategic questions. Then think about the human cost in lost opportunities and further isolation from wealth generating flows of ideas and resources.

This is the sad reality of Mr. Putin’s grand strategy. The Economist tells the story.

To anyone who thinks that violence is a solution to political problems, consider what is happening here. Think again. Violence is not a solution. It is a tactic. And as with any tactic, its value depends totally on the wisdom of the goal.

My recommendation here — the wets should now invest in western Urkaine. Bring it back to life. Don’t let it slide into a long term disaster. That will end the crisis in Ukraine more quickly than any other tactic.


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