The Impeach Obama Game

The post midterm elections politics in the US is getting interesting. The main reason is that President Obama seems to have finally understood something about the dynamic that has been driving politics for the last six years.

That dynamic was based on this question – which party has the initiative? When Obama was elected in 2008, he had it. But he had it based on a promise that he would deliver something new. He lost it when republicans embraced a scorched earth policy to prevent him from achieving that “change” that he advertised. And by and large — as moronic as this may have been from a policy point of view — they have gotten away with it.  They have had the initiative.

But things are changing. The democrats were drubbed in the midterms, and the conventional wisdom was that democrats would have to play nice to the newly re-empowered republicans on the hill. But that would confirm that the republicans have the policy initiative.

President Obama has stepped in and taken that initiative. On immigration and on a climate change bill and on net neutrality. Boom, boom, boom. He seems to understand that by taking the initiative, he exposes the hot air blovaters for what they are.

This is a great story about creative conflict, and worth following! Stay tuned!


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