Reflecting on Inner Conflicts

Recently, I have become aware of some interesting writing about how the brain works. More precisely, how the left side and right side of the brain may or may not cooperate.

The writing was a bout Da Vinci, a man who many think was among the most creative persons in history — if not the most creative. The argument is that Da Vinci had far more nuanced connections between the left and right sides of the brain through his corpus callosum than average people.

Let’s assume this is correct, for a second.  This suggests that the left side of the brain — used to drawing conclusions in time — was more ready to suspend these roles in favor of right side thinking. In other words, there was a less conflicted relationship between mechanical and analytical thinking with unstructured sensory impressions.

This has led me to think about my own thought processes. How often does my life, analytical side talk to and support my right side? Alternatively, how often does it dominate? I found that the degree of cooperation was less than I thought it would be. Or the cooperation that I am aware of was less. That got me thinking about internal conflicts that I have experienced.

One quick thought — the inner conflicts that I have had kept my mind busy. As a result, I was most likely more self-absorbed than the context  called for., In other words, not easily bored by myself. This also likely impacted my capacity to stay focused on external stimuli.

More on this as I reflect more deeply and uncover more information.


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