Conflict in the Things You Don’t See

“We live in capitalism”.  I like this quote (taken from Ursula LeGuin). We tend to think of capitalism as a universal. But in fact, it is just something — a system — that we use now. It is neither perfect nor terrible. More important, it is useful for certain aspects of modern life that we deem important — the pooling of capital to produce things more widely and at lower cost.

Ursual LeGuin goes further in her remarks about capitalism “It’s power seems inescapable. So too did the divine right of kings”. Ouch!  In other words, our smug beliefs about what is great about what we have now are vulnerable to trends that may shake it up and even turn it on its head.

Conflict does this. And, as Ursual points out, it often arises from sources that appear to be invisible.


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