Goldman Sachs Starts Advertising

This is just a quick note — I just saw an advertisement from Goldman Sachs about their sponsorship of a project in New York. In itself, no big thing. Everybody advertises, right? Well not so fast. Goldman Sachs is not like Coca Cola or  McDonald’s.  Goldman Sachs does not sell anything to you.

Hmmm .. so why advertise? Very simple. Remember the meltdown? Goldman realizes that you do. Goldman realizes that you probably still wonder why this happened. And Goldman fears that you might think that it was to blame. So Goldman is engaging in nationwide PR to change the perception of what it does.

I do not write this to support or attack Goldman. Instead, it is just to point out that conflicts produce this type of behavior. Some call it CYA.  Some call it lobbying. But it does not happen out of the blue. There is logic behind it.


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