Elizabeth Warren and Whig Populism

Over the last several days, the US Congress has considered a continuing resolution to fund the US government for the next nine months.  This sounds pretty boring, but it has been anything but. During the process, Senator Elizabeth Warren stood up on the Senate floor and said that the bill was a sell out to Wall Street.

Boom! Suddenly, all bets about the passage of the bill were off. Senator Warren had pulled away the curtain to reveal an alleged corruption of government that was easy to understand and easy to hate. Even the Washington Press took note.

A few days later, the bill was passed  in the House and Senate anyway. But the damage was done. Now Congress has to take into account a new agenda. It is populist (anti-Wall Street) and whiggish (what is the right thing to do).  And I think this combo sells very well to US voters.

Let’s see if this creates a movement.


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren and Whig Populism”

  1. It may be so. And yet again, something tells me that Senator Warren’s indignation and blunt talk struck a chord. Or perhaps it just struck a chord with me. Let’s see if it was indeed just a moment, or something more.

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