A Metric about the War on Terror

In Lawrence O’Donnell’s show about the tragic terror incident in Sydney, Australia,  this point emerged.

The war against terror is 13 years old. And American strategy has produced great tactical successes. But it has not reduced the amount of terrorism around the world. That is on the rise. 80% of these attacks took place in 5 countries. They are

  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Syria
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan

This is a success for Americans, as we have been able to stop significant follow up attacks after 9/11. But we have not presented a counter-strategy to radicalization that primarily affects people in the above countries, but could spread. We are not countering the message. And one must be concerned about the suffering that is on the rise as well as the threat of its spreading.

That is worth thinking about.


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