Power Games: Once Upon a Time

As I mentioned, I am writing a book called “Power Games” and I will be doing i´t in public here on this blog. Each day, I will be adding the next step to bring the writing forward. We are still in the conceptual stage, and yesterday I wrote for the first time about the tension that will provide the foundation for our story.

This tension is between how the powerful and the powerless feel about each other. They do not connect. Indeed, you might make the case that they make each other miserable.

The next step in our story development is to think for a moment where this story starts. How did we get started on this rather dreary path?

The answer, I think, is rather obvious. Think back to historical figures who were “powerful”. They share a common characteristic, going back to Alexander. They created followers and led them to significant activity. And they were profoundly self-centered. All of them.

This was accepted as a necessary evil. Of course the king takes on airs. He has such important things to do! Well we got rid of kings, but we find that presidents, prime ministers, and now CEO’s all act the same way. They exhibit the same power trait that we saw in Alexander.

This is something that is deeply embedded in our culture. And I think this is at the root of our tragedy. Why tragedy? Because this value is embedded so deep that we cannot see it as a problem.

That is the starting point for our story.


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