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Brandon Davies: This is What Resilience Looks Like

Resilience is a big, big word these days. We are told that to be successful, one must build resilience. But what does it look like? This story about a hopeful professional basketball player says it all.


Thinking about Resilience

I have read numerous times that “resilience” is something we can learn. We can practice things that give us this characteristic. Perhaps this is true. And if so, it would be worth our time and effort to become more resilient.

Why? Because life is full of conflict. We will not and cannot avoid this. Nor will we always prevail. So we need resilience to get up when we are knocked down. To proceed, as Churchill put, from one disaster to the next with a smile.  And to the extent that Dan Pink is right and we are all “in sales” now, we need resilience to face that “ocean of rejection” that we will experience from failed attempts to sell.

But is resilience a “skill”? I think it is more the result of other things. In other words, we feel resilient when we get back up. It is a type of energy. But where this energy comes from is a bit mysterious. My sense is that it comes from an identification with something that is bigger than we are. In other words, resilience is a by product of embracing a strategic vision.